Marketing Creative Producer – based in sweden

About me

My ambition is to focus on storytelling as a medium in the form of marketing for games. From the big picture, to the end product.


I am a video, VFX, animation, and game enthusiast with 16 years in making videos for games, and 7 years of experience in Marketing Games, with 5 of those being full time at Paradox Interactive as a Trailer Producer and later a Marketing Creative Producer. Over the years I’ve become something of an experienced Visual Media Generalist / Producer. Having worked with most roles in the visual pipeline, from doing full trailers and videos myself with editing, VFX motion graphics, etc. to being the producer; overseeing, developing and feedbacking on outsourced projects from beginning to end. Including projects in CGI, live-action, developer diaries, and gameplay trailers. This understanding of all the pipeline helps me tremendosly with understanding the different challenges each of the members of the team is facing.

I started as a Trailer Producer, working with almost all brands within Paradox in some way or another including making trailers for titles such as Cities: Skylines, Tyranny, Magicka 2, Hearts of Iron IV, and more.
But for the last couple of years I’m very proud to have taken part in, and being responsible for building the visual identity and trailers of the Stellaris IP and its DLCs as a Creative Producer. From the very first trailer in 2016 to the as of May 2020 new logo and brand refresh, as well as my last CG Anniversary trailer. Happily today it is counted as the biggest brand within Paradox Development studio with over 3 million sales.

What I'm passionate about
Video Producing - From start to finished product

With years of experience both doing videos myself or producing and leading the production with bigger teams I thrive in making videos and new stories come true.

Gameplay Capture

No matter the game, the capture process needs to take its time. Although getting to know the engine and the game enough to know its quirks is an integral part of any game.


Several years of experience using Premiere Pro together with various programs when needed.

Motion Graphics

I LOVE working in After Effects. This is where i got my roots in 2D comp and Motion Graphics. It is such a fun part of the whole production and if I could, I would do them every time.

Brand Development

I’ve been fortunate enough to be with Stellaris for a long time and growing its brand as it went on depending on it’s need. Adding Audio Signatures, logo branding systems, logo updates, console editions and more. This gives me a healthy ground to stand on for new projects.

Feedback and development

Giving the right secure environment for me team to be candid to each other is my goal. To foster a creative environment where we lift each other up in the end.